Early voting is offered Monday October 22 through Saturday November 3, 2012.

City of Chicago residents are under the jurisdiction of the Chicago Board of Elections. Cook County residents outside of Chicago are under the jurisdiction of the Cook County Clerk's Office.

What is Early Voting?

Early Voting presents the opportunity for registered voters to vote over a 2 week period before Election Day. Voters do not need a reason or excuse to vote early.

Why early vote?

It is not always easy to get to your poling place on election day. Early voting provides flexibility to vote at a time and location of your convenience.

How do I early vote?

If you are a registered voter use the search to find early voting locations near you. Most locations are open on Saturday and there are several open on Sunday. In order to early vote you need to present a government-issued photo ID. If you are registered to vote in the City of Chicago, you may vote at any Chicago Resident location. If you are registered to vote in Suburban or Unincorporated Cook County, you may vote at any Suburban Cook County location.

Election Websites
  1. Chicago Board of Elections
  2. Cook County Clerk

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